Music to Write Boys To | Aka What I Listen to While Writing

I’m one of those people who really just can’t do much of anything without a good soundtrack, and I have a long long list of songs I listen to depending on what I’m doing, but really, there’s only a few that I play on loop to get me in the zone when it comes to writing, be it fanfic, original, or meta.

Here is my favorite writing and reading music, and also the characters I relate it to, in no particular order:


  1. Freak – Lana del Rey

The first time I was listening to this song, I was reading Venus in Furs, which is hailed as the first BDSM novel, and the origin of the term “masochist” (derived from the author’s name, Sachter-Masoch). From then on, this has been my soulful but kinky romance song, and I usually put it on when angst-filled pining-heavy sensual scenes are about to happen.

Characters I associate it with: Narcissus, Venus, Theo Decker, Boris Pavlikovsky


  1. Art Deco – Lana del Rey (this entire post is basically a breakdwon of Honeymoon)

Lana’s lyrics are sheer genius as far as I’m concerned. This song just has a very sad Gatsby-esque vibe, so obviously, I play it whenever I’m reading about sad young men with broken hearts and dubious morals, and when I have to write about them. For some reason I also really associate it with Nathaniel Grayson, even though the lyrics have nothing to do with him as a character. It’s just one of those things, I guess.


  1. Six Inch – Beyonce

Finally an anthem for the murdering club siren, thanks to Queen Bey. Every single song from Lemonade is pure gold, and the Warsan Shire voiceover is bone-chilling, but something about this song in particular just makes me want to write some good old-fashioned vampire-centric horror. I mean, the lyrics are pretty stright-forward in that regard. I’m waiting for YouTube content-makers to grace us with some Santanico Pandemonium dance edits.


  1. Hal –Yasmin Hamdan

I am only putting this on the list because it’s my favorite moment of Only Lovers Left Alive, and it’s a very beautiful song and melody. It’s a reverse mirror of Sanatnico’s dance scenes in From Dusk Til Dawn, and it’s also so wonderfully shot and choreographed. It’s really less about the song, and more about the feel of it.


  1. Gasoline – Halsey

The official Joseph Kavinsky anthem, as far as I’m concerned. Also, my favorite song from Halsey. Incredible lyrics, combined with her beautiful voice, and just an very haunting all-around feel. I put it on when I write introspections or freestyles. It really gets me going.


  1. Control –Halsey

The official Andrew Miniyard anthem, for obvious reasons. My other favorite song from Halsey, and the one I listen to during introspections and freestyles if I feel like I’m bored of Gasoline. They have a very similar feel.


  1. Me and the Devil – Gil Scott Heron

Pure poetry. The beat, and the lyrics, and the uneven rhythm, combined with his deep raspy voice make for a great listen when doing pretty much anything at all. This is my “bad guy writing” song, but since pretty much all my characters are bad guys, it’s more of a “character is dealing with the fallout of a bad action” song, and it really makes me feel some type of way.

Characters I associate it with: Lestat, Spike

  1. WILD – Troye Sivan

Soulful childhood romance featuring a queer couple – more like, Troye’s entire discography waxing lyrical about suburbia. I love it, and it really sets the mood for just straight up (but not straight) non-genre fiction.

Characters I associate it with: Gregory and Stephen Deitrich, Jason Schuyler, Adam Parrish

  1. Lorde –Glory and Gore

Historical settings and violence, and dissatisfaction, and a deep sense of having be cheated off of something, and pretty much every time I write old souls in young bodies, I just can’t not put Lorde on. “I’ll show you what this big word means” yes, please, please show me, I’m drowning in SAT vocabulary trying to elevate my style.

Characters I associate it with: Armand, Henry Winter

  1. Bedroom Hymns – Florence and the Machine

Is this the desginated sexytimes song? It should be. Everything over PG-13 pretty much happens to the tune of the Bedroom Hymns. Florence’s music in general is great when I’m writing more spiritual things.

Characters I associate it with: Hannibal Lecter (don’t ask), Francis Abernathy

I like listening to the same music over and over, so the list is rather short – these are the songs I’ve been listening to the most lately, when I write. If you liked this post, and want to see similar, please let me know. I’m still figuring out what I want this blog to look like exactly, so any feedback is appreciated.


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