Summer Book Haul

Over summer I’ve accumulated a lot of new books so I’m making a book haul post.

Apologies for the awful camera quality.

book haul

  1. Медальонът -The Medallion
  2. Ритуалът- The Ritual
  3. The House of Secrets Books 1 & 2
  4. Shadow and Bone
  5. All the Bright Places
  6. Daughter of Shadow and Bone
  7. Carol
  8. Dark Places Gillian Flynn (review is upcoming)
  9. Heist Society
  10. Howl’s Moving Castle (IT’S SPARKLY!!!!)
  11. Rivers of London
  12. Court of Thorns and Roses (I loved TOG, so let’s see…)
  13. Самодива – Wildalone (I got this a while ago, review is upcoming)
  14. A Nora Roberts Trilogy
  15. Гръцко кафе – Greek Coffee (предстои рецензия)

Not pictured because I’ve given them away are:

  • Бяло сладко – White Jam
  • Bellzhar (review probably not upcoming tbh)
  • some others (like 4-5 more books, idrk, I don’t keep track, I gave them to friends)

Not pictured, but I have them as ebooks are:

  • A Little Life (review upcoming)
  • What Belongs to You (rave review upcoming)
  • The Cursed Child (review upcoming)
  • TFC series (rave review upcoming)
  • two more books from the Lust Money and Murder series (reviews upcoming)


I will also do a book shelf tour of my Bulgarian library as soon as my housekeeper helps me organise it. If you live in Bulgaria/UK I might be giving away some books so keep your eyes peeled.



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